Tournament to be reconfigured for late September.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the 2020 Hinsdale Open has been postponed until further notice. Due to the close contact and interaction within the paddle huts, the organizers felt the risk was unacceptable for players and their respective families in the current environment. The current plan it to reconfigure the H20 as a pre-season tournament sometime in the early fall. Further details will be available in late July, early August with a prospective late September tourney date. Stay tune for future announcements.

In the meantime, Kevin Lannert is happy to distribute your favors. Please feel free to stop by his house at 819 S. Monroe, Hinsdale, or you can wait until the fall tourney date. Please text him at 773-520-1629 before you stop by and he’ll put it on the front step with your name on it. Let him know if you want to grab your partner’s or anyone else you see regularly. Please copy them on the text so we don’t have any disputes over this highly sought after merchandise.