The second and  final billing fee of $225 for the 2021-22 Men’s Winter Paddle League is now due. This second payment has been added to your account, bringing total fees for the league participation to $525. These fees account for the remainder of league dues plus the player pass/hut assessment fees. Please note this $525 total ($300 first payment + $225) is lower than the fees charged for the last “normal” league season (2019-2020) when we had significant food and beverage charges as part of our dues. Login in to your account and please make your payment by January 10, 2022

Any players who have not paid by this date will be prohibited from playing until the fees are paid. Also – any outstanding Hinsdale Paddle membership fees must also be paid by this date. League players whose memberships are expired will also be receiving a 2nd email regarding those payments. 

As always – if you need additional time to pay or have constraints on your ability to pay – please contact Rick Larsen at to work out a resolution.