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With its over 500 members, Hinsdale Paddle is the western suburb’s largest paddle program and has helped foster the growth of the sport throughout the area. Our large member base and the club’s sense of inclusivity allow members to easily find playing partners, tournaments and events throughout the year. And the future promises an even better experience, as we expand and renovate our paddle hut in the summer of 2020.

History of Hinsdale Paddle

Officially known as the Hinsdale Platform Tennis Association (HPTA), Hinsdale Paddle grew from a dedicated core group of players seeking to bring this great sport to western suburbs of Chicago. Through their efforts and the generous contributions of the Hinsdale Park District, these volunteers spearheaded the construction of the platform tennis facility at Hinsdale’s beautiful Katherine Legge Memorial Park. Since then, it has managed all league and tournament activities for the Park district program, and led efforts to build an additional two courts when the initial four courts were unable to meet player demand.

About Our Courts

Our well-maintained, state of the art courts are available for play morning through evening year round. Although many people consider paddle to be a cold weather sport, many of our members play in late spring and summer in our beautiful and convenient park settings.

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The KLM Paddle Hut

Named after the man who has likely introduced paddle to more people than any other individual, The KLM Paddle Hut serves as the focal point of all the club’s social activities. Constructed in 2002 when our membership was considerably smaller, Hinsdale Paddle will be undertaking a major renovation and expansion of the KLM Paddle Hut at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 paddle season, with completion of the project scheduled for September 2020.

Looking for a place to host a fun birthday or graduation party? Consider renting the KLM Paddle Hut for your special occasion. Rentals can include up to six courts as needed and are restricted to members only. Rates are extremely reasonable and available most weekend days and nights throughout the year.

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