Men’s winter league paddle matches to start up the week of Sept. 21. Should for any reason the league be cancelled before Dec. 10, the Players Pass fee ($150) will be refunded. Please view the 2020 – 2021Guidelines for CPTC Matches.

Please note, access to the KLM Hut and other clubs may be limited during the league season. There may not be food and drinks served during the matches as you have been accustomed to in the past. A ‘League Fee’ will be due once we have a better handle on the cost of the league itself. The league fee will be much less than previous years if no food and drinks are provided.

We will do our best to provide what we can for league matches while following local Village of Hinsdale and State of Illinois guidelines. Please view the Covid-19 Safety Recommendations for Platform Tennis. We will pass along additional updates as they come available.