Guidelines to be enforced

In light of a number of positive Covid-19 tests at HPC among the men we have cancelled numerous matches over the last week. In order to contain any breakout we will be strictly enforcing the following guidelines. Should we see players not adhering to these guidelines we will cancel all matches and play by men at KLM for 10 days.  


  • Marks must be worn at all times in the paddle huts.
    Players are not required to wear masks on the courts. All players should always keep a mask in their paddle bag and comply with mask and social distancing regulations.
  • Players may enter the KLM hut only to use the restrooms, replenish their water supplies, procure needed medical supplies or the defibrillator, or to take shelter from lightning and heavy rain. Social distancing in the hut must be maintained at all times. As before, we are asking everyone to limit to an absolute minimum the amount of time spent in the hut.
  • No Socializing after Matches without masks. Covid-19 can easily spread among players that socialize without masks within 6 feet of each other for more than a few minutes. We ask you not to hang outside or inside and drink beers before or after your match. Please depart KLM after your match.

For more information, see the Hinsdale Paddle Club Covid-19 Safety Recommendations.

Thank you for your help in adhering to the APTA, CPTC and HPC guidelines along with the State and Local guidelines during this Pandemic.