On behalf of the HPTA Board of Directors, we extend our warmest wishes for a prosperous and joyful paddle year ahead. As many of you know, our Board comprises eight volunteer members and three advisors, each of whom contributes to the success of Hinsdale Paddle Club. 

For your reference, our 2024 slate of Directors and their roles is set forth below:

1. Rick Larsen – President
2. Kevin Parks – Secretary & Legal Counsel
3. Jason Stuck – Treasurer
4. Lori Halpin – Member Programs & Events
5. Mark Schaub – Website & Technology
6. Jack McMillin – Facilities
7. Kelly Lyn Kelly – Women’s Leagues
8. Jim Towns – Men’s Leagues
9. Abby Wenstrup – Advisor
10. Marty Brennan – Advisor
11. Bill O’Brien – Advisor

We are eager and excited to address the opportunities and challenges 2024 will bring, and we look forward to another year of growth and success for Hinsdale Paddle Club.  Thank you for your continued support and participation!