On Wednesday morning, September 20, three locked vehicles – including one belonging to a Hinsdale Paddle member participating in drills – were broken into at the parking lot adjacent to the KLM Paddle facility. According to the responding police officers, this is the first recent incident to target cars in the lower lot but follows upon numerous recent incidents in the upper lots at KLM and in the parking lots at other west suburban golf clubs and park facilities. The target of the thefts are purses and bags that are thought by the thieves to carry personal IDs, licenses and credit cards.

Moving forward, we are asking all members to lock your vehicle at all times, and to keep any valuables in your vehicles out of sight or carry them with you to the hut. Further, if you see any suspicious activity in the parking lots or near the courts, please immediately report the activity to the Hinsdale Police Department. Do not, under any circumstance, confront the individual(s) involved.

Further, while we are not aware of any building intrusions/theft associated with this activity, we are asking members to be diligent in your efforts to secure the Paddle Hut when leaving the facility. If the courts are empty when you are leaving the Hut, please be sure to lock both doors. A simple two-fingered swipe across the face of the touchscreen will engage the lock. 

Hinsdale Paddle will update membership of any further incidents and will continue to address our security concerns with the Village of Hinsdale and its police department.