We want to bring to your attention some recent instances at KLM where the front door was left unlocked after League and Warrior matches. As hosts, it’s crucial that we all understand and fulfill our responsibilities to maintain the security and cleanliness of our club.

Here are the key steps to ensure the front door is securely locked:

The last person leaving the premises should:

a. Turn off all lights using the switch to the right of the door.

b. Confirm the door is closed securely.

c. Swipe the keypad above the door handle with the back of your first three fingers to engage the lock. You should hear a confirmation once the door is locked.

We appreciate your attention to detail in following these procedures. It’s essential for the safety and security of our club.

Additionally, we kindly request everyone’s cooperation in maintaining a clean environment. Please make an effort to clean off the counters/tables, and if you notice a garbage can is 3/4 full, even if you leave early, take the garbage bag out with you and dispose of it properly. It is our HPC players responsibility to take the garbage out.

Your proactive approach in keeping our club clean and secure is highly valued. Let’s all contribute to creating a positive and organized environment for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and efforts.

Rick Larsen and Jim Towns