On behalf of Hinsdale Paddle Club, we like to thank everyone who came out to attend the National Champs clinics and exhibition matches featuring Johan du Randt and Stephen Mitchell. I know you will all agree it was an incredible, jaw-dropping paddle.

A big THANK YOU also goes out to Mike Franco, Ben Ashford, Trey Scott, Andrew Ong, Danny Oaks, and Alex Lambropoulos for their contributions. It couldn’t have happened without their help and participation. Also, thanks to Lori Halpin for her help working behind the scenes.  And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Noah Seidenberg of Xenon Paddle for bringing our club this amazing opportunity and generously donating the paddle balls for the event.

If you missed out or want further instruction by Johan & Stephen, please consider attending one of their paddle camps held at Owl’s Nest Resort, a beautiful location in the mountains in Thornton, NH, two hours north of Boston. Camps are held during the entire month of September and early October. For more information, please visit https://saracquets.com/.

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the experience and picked up some new tips from these incredible paddle experts and hopefully had some fun along the way.  We can’t thank you enough for your participation to make this event such a success.  We look forward to seeing you at a future paddle event!  

Best Regards,

Kelly Lyn Kelly
Board Member
Hinsdale Paddle Clu