Billy O Red Zone Tourney Raises $3,600

100% of Proceeds go to Common Hope

Bill O’Brien congratulates Kevin Collins and Mike Cremmins winners of C Draw.

The Hinsdale men’s paddle tennis community rallied again to honor Bill O’Brien in the Billy O Red Zone tourney, raising $3,600 for Common Hope, an organization in Guatemala that focuses on the education of kids in poverty. The tournament was held on the weekend after Thanksgiving. 

A big thanks to Doug Brown for organizing this event and Private Vista for sponsoring the beverages!

Congrats to all the winners.

  • A Draw Winners: Dave Robare and Matt Guido
  • B Draw Winners: Tim Brankin and Chris Barb McKone
  • C Draw Winners: Mike Cremmins and Kevin Collins

Hinsdale Paddle Club Women Raise Over $1,000 for Common Hope

 Jane McCole and Margaret Hawn take home coveted Red Zone jackets!

The women of Hinsdale Paddle Club raised over $1,000 for Common Hope, an organization in Guatemala that focuses on the education of kids in poverty. Winners of the women’s Billy O Red Zone Tourney, held Saturday, November 30, were Jane McCole and Margaret Hawn who took home the coveted Red Zone jackets. 

Village of Hinsdale, HPTA reach milestone agreement for management of KLM facility and Burns Courts

Agreement benefits players, the Hinsdale Park District and the HPTA!

The Village of Hinsdale (“VOH”) and the HPTA (“Hinsdale Paddle”) have reached an agreement whereby the HPTA will manage all paddle functions at KLM and Burns effective July 1, 2019. This is an exciting change for Hinsdale Paddle, and should solidify its status as the premier public program in the Chicagoland area.

The agreement provides a funding framework that will allow for the complete renovation and expansion of the KLM Paddle Hut facility beginning in spring 2020, as well as continued improvements to the courts at KLM and Burns Park. The agreement will allow the HPTA to expand the programs and training it offers to its members while keeping membership costs inline with previous years. For Hinsdale Park district, the agreement will allow it to re-direct financial and manpower resources towards other priorities.

For more details, see the October 10, 2019 article in The Hinsdalean.