National Champs Clinics A Big Hit

On behalf of Hinsdale Paddle Club, we like to thank everyone who came out to attend the National Champs clinics and exhibition matches featuring Johan du Randt and Stephen Mitchell. I know you will all agree it was an incredible, jaw-dropping paddle.

A big THANK YOU also goes out to Mike Franco, Ben Ashford, Trey Scott, Andrew Ong, Danny Oaks, and Alex Lambropoulos for their contributions. It couldn’t have happened without their help and participation. Also, thanks to Lori Halpin for her help working behind the scenes.  And last, but certainly not least, thanks to Noah Seidenberg of Xenon Paddle for bringing our club this amazing opportunity and generously donating the paddle balls for the event.

If you missed out or want further instruction by Johan & Stephen, please consider attending one of their paddle camps held at Owl’s Nest Resort, a beautiful location in the mountains in Thornton, NH, two hours north of Boston. Camps are held during the entire month of September and early October. For more information, please visit

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the experience and picked up some new tips from these incredible paddle experts and hopefully had some fun along the way.  We can’t thank you enough for your participation to make this event such a success.  We look forward to seeing you at a future paddle event!  

Best Regards,

Kelly Lyn Kelly
Board Member
Hinsdale Paddle Clu

Locking Procedures & Cleanliness at Paddle Hut

We want to bring to your attention some recent instances at KLM where the front door was left unlocked after League and Warrior matches. As hosts, it’s crucial that we all understand and fulfill our responsibilities to maintain the security and cleanliness of our club.

Here are the key steps to ensure the front door is securely locked:

The last person leaving the premises should:

a. Turn off all lights using the switch to the right of the door.

b. Confirm the door is closed securely.

c. Swipe the keypad above the door handle with the back of your first three fingers to engage the lock. You should hear a confirmation once the door is locked.

We appreciate your attention to detail in following these procedures. It’s essential for the safety and security of our club.

Additionally, we kindly request everyone’s cooperation in maintaining a clean environment. Please make an effort to clean off the counters/tables, and if you notice a garbage can is 3/4 full, even if you leave early, take the garbage bag out with you and dispose of it properly. It is our HPC players responsibility to take the garbage out.

Your proactive approach in keeping our club clean and secure is highly valued. Let’s all contribute to creating a positive and organized environment for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and efforts.

Rick Larsen and Jim Towns

Happy New Year!

On behalf of the HPTA Board of Directors, we extend our warmest wishes for a prosperous and joyful paddle year ahead. As many of you know, our Board comprises eight volunteer members and three advisors, each of whom contributes to the success of Hinsdale Paddle Club. 

For your reference, our 2024 slate of Directors and their roles is set forth below:

1. Rick Larsen – President
2. Kevin Parks – Secretary & Legal Counsel
3. Jason Stuck – Treasurer
4. Lori Halpin – Member Programs & Events
5. Mark Schaub – Website & Technology
6. Jack McMillin – Facilities
7. Kelly Lyn Kelly – Women’s Leagues
8. Jim Towns – Men’s Leagues
9. Abby Wenstrup – Advisor
10. Marty Brennan – Advisor
11. Bill O’Brien – Advisor

We are eager and excited to address the opportunities and challenges 2024 will bring, and we look forward to another year of growth and success for Hinsdale Paddle Club.  Thank you for your continued support and participation!

Important Security Message

On Wednesday morning, September 20, three locked vehicles – including one belonging to a Hinsdale Paddle member participating in drills – were broken into at the parking lot adjacent to the KLM Paddle facility. According to the responding police officers, this is the first recent incident to target cars in the lower lot but follows upon numerous recent incidents in the upper lots at KLM and in the parking lots at other west suburban golf clubs and park facilities. The target of the thefts are purses and bags that are thought by the thieves to carry personal IDs, licenses and credit cards.

Moving forward, we are asking all members to lock your vehicle at all times, and to keep any valuables in your vehicles out of sight or carry them with you to the hut. Further, if you see any suspicious activity in the parking lots or near the courts, please immediately report the activity to the Hinsdale Police Department. Do not, under any circumstance, confront the individual(s) involved.

Further, while we are not aware of any building intrusions/theft associated with this activity, we are asking members to be diligent in your efforts to secure the Paddle Hut when leaving the facility. If the courts are empty when you are leaving the Hut, please be sure to lock both doors. A simple two-fingered swipe across the face of the touchscreen will engage the lock. 

Hinsdale Paddle will update membership of any further incidents and will continue to address our security concerns with the Village of Hinsdale and its police department.

Hinsdale Paddle Club Welcomes Matt Lemery as it new Head Paddle Professional

The HPTA Board of Directors would like to introduce the new Head Paddle Professional at Hinsdale Paddle Club (HPC), Matt Lemery. 

Lemery was born and raised in Menominee, MI (border of Wisconsin). He graduated from Ferris State University in 2003 with a B.S. in Marketing and became a USTA-certified teaching professional through the Professional Tennis Management Program. After two years of teaching tennis as the Junior Director at the South Barrington Club, Lemery was offered the Head Pro position at Westmoreland Country Club.  This is where his love of paddle started.  Four years later, he became the Head Paddle Pro at Sunset Ridge Country Club (winter season) and the Director of Tennis at Ivanhoe Country Club (summer season).  In 2013 he took over as Director of Racquet Sports at Butterfield Country Club and helped create their first paddle program.  After five years at Butterfield, Lemery did a complete 360 and took a job as a recruiter at Hunt Club.  Unfortunately, he was furloughed during COVID.  A Ferris friend contacted him about joining him at his company Essential Tennis.  Here he focused on video coaching.

Lemery competed in National tournaments for 11 years, winning the 2008 St. Louis Open, finishing runner-up at the 2010 Husband Wife Nationals, and was Nationally ranked as high as #42. He still competes in league play and plays on the HPC Series 2 team.

He is married to Suzanne Lemery (Director of Racquet Sports at Hinsdale Golf Club), and together they have two boys. Jamison (Jamo) age 9 and Jaxson (Jax) age 6.

Lemery is extremely excited about becoming the new Head Paddle Pro at HPC. He looks forward to working with all levels and is available for spring and summer lessons.  

You can reach him at

Please join the board in welcoming Matt Lemery, HPC’s new Head Paddle Professional.

Come Celebrate Mary Doten’s Retirement

Attention all Hinsdale Paddle Members! Come celebrate the legacy and accomplishments of our APTA Hall of Famer and six-time national champion paddle pro, Mary Doten, before her retirement this March. The event will take place at the Bill O’Brien Paddle Hut on Friday, March 3rd, at 5:30 p.m.

Mary has been the head pro at Hinsdale Paddle for 20+ years and has introduced and taught scores of our members to the game we all love, and has built our strong, rapidly growing women’s program from the ground up.  Following a presentation to Mary, heavy appetizers and drinks will be served.

Come join us in showing your appreciation to Mary as we bid her a fond farewell into retirement.

There is no charge for this event.

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Veldman at

Bill O’Brien Elected into APTA Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Bill O’Brien who has been elected into the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) 2023 Hall of Fame.  This honor is bestowed on those individuals who have made a major impact on the growth and development of the sport.

For 32 years O’Brien has dedicated his time and expertise to the Chicago area paddle community. He continues to offer free paddle lessons every week from September to March to interested players in the Hinsdale community.  

To read more about his accomplishments, click here.

Golichowski-Fikri Win Hinsdale Open C Draw

Congrats to the C Draw winners Michael Golichowski and Wally Fikri for outlasting the field to capture the elusive 2022 Hinsdale Open C Draw Championship which took place March 19-20. Playing at times in the rain, they were able to beat five different opponents, taking the finals 6-1, 6-1 again Scott Silberberg and Brett Padgett.

Thanks to all the participates and a very special thanks to our sponsors, Concklin Insurance and Bulkmatic for their support. Without them we’d be dining on pixie sticks and coke.

Bill O’Brien Platform Tennis Center is officially open!

Ribbon cutting ceremony held Dec. 3

The official dedication of the Bill O’Brien Platform Tennis Center and the grand reopening of the newly design paddle hut took place on December 3, 2021 at KLM. The Board, along with many HPTA members and friends turned out to publicly dedicate the facility to our great friend and paddle ambassador to our area for the past 30+ years, Bill O’Brien.  

The dedication was followed by an open house with food and beverages.